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BROKERS FOREX TRADER IN ALL CONFIANCE: an important message to Brokers who want to appear in our comparative platform!

Whether Africans manage to become millionaires by trading currencies or lose money for lack of knowledge on your platforms is none of our business. On the other hand, we want to remain vigilant and offer our readers and subscribers serious online trading platforms regulated by a financial market authority. The platforms wishing to appear on our comparator must send an email to (We’ll do all security checks before you’ll be posted next to verified Brokers).

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Rated 3.8 out of 5

FOREX Trader in Africa: a wonderful example of a young South African who became a millionaire

Almost everyone, at least in Africa knows Sandile Shezi. Its incredible story is part of the low-fund Durban as a cake seller.

Offering to the sale of muffins, he made his first steps in entrepreneurship so when he was only 12 years old. he is taking his first steps in the same neighborhood as his model Sandile Zungu, CEO of Zungu Investments Company Limited, which has concocted a leadership program for the prestigious and famous American University of Harvard.

“I then said to myself: if he can do it, why not me?” he said on CCTV Africa.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “In every rich man is a poor child who believed in his dreams”.

Deposit bonuses or low spreads: What BROKER is for me?

The choice is to be considered according to the type of trader that one is and the volume of transactions made per week or month. Indeed, if one is a “intraday trader”, it is better to favour a broker with low transaction costs. If you are an African trader who takes long-term positions, then the bonus has an interest. Anyway, the choice of the platform also counts because its ergonomics must be purified and yet collect all the indicators and tools allowing the trader to carry out his trades. The method of “scalping” is obviously to advise against beginners who have to get their hands on some winning gains, sometimes even a few pips on a trade.

Online TRADING/Is there any scam or scam in Africa?

Like everywhere there are. As in all sulphurous activities or there is a lot of money, scammers are often brokers who have lost everything and do not support defeat. This is why we have chosen to put online this comparative platform that lists the best forex brokers in Africa. In conclusion, the goal of any trader is to find a trusted broker.

Online BROKER Comparison

It is essential to compare online brokers offering investments on forex. Indeed, their level of regulation is important but also the ergonomics of their platform. If they use Meta Trader 4. Also, the level of the spread commissions or even the fact that the broker is in “no dealing desk” or not. Obviously the range of products such as cryptocurrencies that are increasingly appearing on online trading platforms. The psychology of the forex trader is also to be taken into account in the choice of the broker according to the type of trader: intraday, long term, scalping.

FOREX Trading in Africa: is that POSSIBLE?