Scalping on Forex what is it?

Scalping Trading
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Scalping on Forex what is it?

This question is frequently mentioned, Scalping trading: on the forum and requires a clear answer regarding its difficulty as well as the risks of loss of trading related thereto.

E scalping Trading is extremely popular with African traders whose courage is legendary. For example, Whether they are individual or institutional traders. Still need to understand what the method of scalping on the Forex is!

We have chosen to give you definitions, Techniques, reliable and proven short-term trading strategies.

So finally what is the scalping of currencies: strategy to scalp effectively

Scalping means not anticipating long market movements in the long run but on the contrary, take advantage of all the small differences of course to buy and sell on intervals sometimes in minutes.

Definition scalping Trading

Scalping is a method used by traders based on buying and selling financial products over very short time intervals. Scalping makes sure to collect only a few points on the market.

Scalp trading is frequently used on derivatives or CFD products with strong leverage. The gains are low on each order but the multitude of orders passed in a day of trading gives a comfortable return on investment to cumulation.

Scalping strategy

An CAC 40 scalper is a trader who scalps on side titles on the French market. For example, the profits recorded by position with trading scalp strategy are often modest because of small movements sought. In short, this explains rationally why the Scalper purse multiplies the number of its trades and plays on the stock exchange with a lever higher than the swing trader. When we trade in Africa in the very short term, it is a good bet to take advantage of the most insignificant fluctuations in the financial market concerned.

Apart from high frequency trading, this is the fastest way to trade. Moreover, scalping and reserved for the elite of traders who have a cold-blooded foolproof.  For example, By comparing these two trading methods, the scalping strategy is the only one in itself that a particular trader can employ. In conclusion, high frequency trading requires professional trading tools in terms of resource that few individuals can afford.

Traders using the Forex scalping method have a different money management model of the swings trader and frequently engage more than 2% of trading capital risk by trade.

Should I try scalping being a beginner trader?

Obviously the logical and prudent answer is no. Scalping hires the trader on many positions and given the leverage, the error is often unforgivable because of a “MARGIN CALL”.

The good trading strategies are various, in this article we will focus on scalping and especially addressing more of a scalping strategy, not forgetting to mention several scalping indicators.

Scalping Trading Tools

Traders using the scalping strategy generally use no more than two see three technical indicators. Indeed, the speed of decision-making does not allow a fundamental analysis too long. This is why Ichimoku and MACD are often used in pairs (pivot points often complete). There is a lot of information about this strategy despite everything risky.

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